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Removing the carpet on the stairs in my flat reveals arcane secrets


Removing the carpet on the stairs in my flat reveals arcane secrets

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I think the last time i was tagged in one of these i forgot to do it ??? ( sorry to whoever tagged me ilu i promise )

SO YEAH. tagged by mvccomics

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

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Favorite ice cream(s)?

PROBABLY Blue Bell’s Gingerbread House or Edys Rocky Road ( moose tracks is always good too. just ice cream man… ice cream )

Favorite Food(s)?

curry, omelette rice, and doing korean bbq is wonderful too. and man man braeburn apples are the absolute best thing.  

Favorite Movie(s)?

The Lion King absolute fav but uh also Coraline, The Cat Returns, Spirit, HP… Star Wars… LotR… the list goes on 2 man many favs 2 count

Favorite Videogame(s)?

Fable 2+3 , Skyrim ( one of those things i used to really hate ?? ) , L.A. Noire , Pokemon Black , Twilight Princess, Okami and again lots of things ;a;

Mechanical or Standard Pencil?

depends ! I normally just use a mechanical pencil tho

Favorite Novel/Comic(s)?

The Monster Blood Tattoo series by D.M Cornish ( also called The Foundling’s Tale series by one publisher i think ? ) , strangely enough the Darkwing Duck comics were pretty enjoyable, and a random smattering of other books and comics i cant be bothered to list ( gomen )

Favorite Season(s)?

Late autumn / Winter ! I love love love wearing sweaters, coats and scarves so it becomes my TIME TO THRIVE.

Favorite Drink(s)?

Dark strong roasts for coffee and green or mint teas are also rly good. but the standard water also Mr. Pibb ( or pibb EXTRA as its actually called. ) and Dr. Pepper too !

What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

Christmas ! I like the idea of Christmas a lot and the decorating too ! Christmas ITSELF is usually a little awkward and there’s always drama but the lead up is a lot of fun !!! Halloween is the secondary bc cute ghosts and spooky things ;u;

What’s Your Favorite Possession?

Probably Berwyn ! He is a stuffed animal ( well a sheep ) I got near Easter in 2011 or 2012 ? He is a good size though and I just like him a lot for some reason ?? 

Do You Wear Glasses Or Contacts?

Glasses !

My People:

I can’t actually be bothered i am so sorry kids ;a; 



The “Five Nights at Freddy’s” song is now up on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l18A5BOTlzE

i’m in love


you come into MY home and disrespect MY fursona


Pine-Pine appreciation post


Fucking FINALLY. This babe is my spirit animal and I couldn’t find ANY good reference pics.

scribbles of mostly eileen the massive jerk along with a few others jerks ( Tegan and Nyssa ) and a random ghost.

featuring the laziest cropping EVER amazing.

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commission for fefetasprite! ^u^


commission for fefetasprite! ^u^

August  31 15635 ♡ Via ©
August  31 37154 ♡ Via ©

based off this 
:) :) :)


Last night’s wild lesbian bird shoujos for bloo


Tonight’s quick sketch. Monolith.
Have a great week end everyone :)


Tonight’s quick sketch. Monolith.

Have a great week end everyone :)

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Its nice to get away from all the city noise


Its nice to get away from all the city noise

August  31 99643 ♡ Via ©
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Oh maaaan~!  300 followers Giveaway!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

OKAY SO it’s only been like a week since I’ve settled into this personal Tumblr and I already have 300 followers! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° So to thank you all for following me, I’m holding an art giveaway!

°˖✧The Prizes✧˖° 

1st- Full body flat of character of choice!  ((Can be NSFW pin up if desired!)) 

2nd- Chibi of character of choice! ((SFW only))

3rd- Simplified piece of your favorite pokemon! (SFW only!))

 The Rules

  • Followers only please. ;w;/  I want to thank those who are supporting me~!
  • Likes AND reblogs both count!  No limit to either, please just be mindful of others. uwu
  • Please keep your ask box open so I may contact you if you are chosen! 
  • Winner has 48 hours to respond before I choose a runner-up. ;w;
  • Winner will be chose via a Random Number Generator, so everything is fair~!
  • Contest ends on Monday, September 1st~!

I’m really excited to get to get to thank you all for your kindness and making my experience here at on Tumblr really wonderful. Thank you all for your kindness and support so far, I really have the most wonderful and amazing followers ever!  (◡‿◡✿)

Good luck everyone~!

Tomorrow is the last day~!

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